The TCIC Director recently presented to the River Falls Economic Development Corporation (RF-EDC) on potential future impacts of the UWRF TCIC.

On January 27th 2011, TCIC Director Tim Lyden presented an invited talk to the River Falls Economic Development Corporation focused on the current and future potential for the TCIC to impact local regional development. The talk touched on several important topics including:

- the concept and mission of the TCIC
- the research focus and direction of our program
- the teaching and training mission of the TCIC
- our collaborative relationships with clinical, academic and industrial partners
- future directions for the Center related to research/training integration and the potential for a new “spin-off” biomedical/biotechnology company in the near term future
Collectively these topics generated an interesting and spirited discussion following the talk, during which the role of the TCIC and UWRF in developing a future biomedical/biotechnology “incubator” facility in River Falls was also explored. In the end, further conversations were planned with individual members of the group and they hopefully came away with a new realization that the TCIC and it’s programs are already having an impact on the regional technical workforce and that we will continue to do so into the future.