TCIC Crew at the 2010 Midwest Medical Design and Manufacturing Tradeshow

On October 10th, four students from the TCIC, Tim Morris, Kevin Rixmann, Ashley Graef and Reid Kuen joined the Director, Dr. Lyden at the Midwest Medical Design and Manufacturing Tradeshow held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. This show is one of the largest in the Midwest and will bring together more than 300 exhibitors and some 3000 visitors to display the regions biomedical devices industry and related partners from across the nation. The TCIC group helped man a booth for the Momentum West organization based in Eau Claire. Momentum West is the regional economic development organization in western Wisconsin. The booth featured materials from across this region of Wisconsin and included information on the UWRF Tissue and Cellular Innovation Center. In addition to covering the booth, the TCIC crew also explored the show and made many new contacts as well as gained insights into the current and future state of the art in biomedical device technology.